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We are a team specialized in the recovery and repair of sliding glass doors. We manufacture, repair and install insect screen doors.

Does your sliding door make you heavy? Can’t open the door easily? All of this is a sign that your door needs a repair.

Rest safe. We manufacture and install your impact door.

Manufacture, repair and installation of mosquito net doors.

We give your door or window a second chance. We will repair it.

"I contracted with mr sliding door fl for a repair of my sliding door, to open it I had to use all my strength. Now just by using just the force of a finger it is already open."

Emily Miller. Miami, Florida

5 star.jpg
5 star.jpg
"I needed to install an impact door for times of hurricanes, and now I can rest easy knowing that I have secure doors and windows. I really liked the attention and above all an excellent job at a fair price."

Ronald Deaguiar. Miami, Florida

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